How to Decorate a Bookstore

How to Decorate a Bookstore. Bookstores are like coffee shops in that they're both frequently places of relaxation as patrons peruse books for information and make decisions about whether their purchase is necessary. Thus, you should decorate your bookstore peacefully and with many places to sit. Give your customers some art to look at and minimize the advertising to make the bookstore more inviting and encourage people to shop longer.

Keep the aisles wide with bookshelves or cases spread about three person widths apart. No one wants to be rubbing elbows or backsides with a stranger while looking for a vegan cookbook. Giving space invites more guests into the aisles and keeps traffic moving.

Place comfortable chairs and small sofas around the store. Match them with the feel of your bookstore. Every decorating choice you make should give the store a more cohesive ambiance that invites guests to stay. Make sure to not block bookshelves with the chairs.

Decide what artwork will best fit on the walls above the chairs. Bookstores rarely have a lot of open wall space, so decorate yours wisely by adding select pieces that continue the theme and feel you're going for.

Leave the posters and book advertisements to a minimum. People who are looking for a book likely know what type of book they're looking for, or even the exact book. It also could get you into hot water if you favor one author over another. Do, however, let people know about book signings and readings and events that are happening in your store related to the books you sell.


  • Make the children's area more fun by including some toys. Sometimes the parent is the one looking for a book and the child might not be interested at all. It's good to have some toys around just to provide a more child-friendly environment. When a book is extremely popular and you have several copies, place one copy face-out so that people can locate it easily. Use tables as a way to showcase new arrivals, classics or bestsellers. You can place these tables at the front of the store or in a high-traffic intersection.

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