Online technology has changed the landscape for entrepreneurs. Now you can start profitable businesses with low upfront costs and reach customers worldwide. For example, you can easily and inexpensively set up your own home-operated job finder website. Job seeking once required manual review of classified ads and cumbersome preparation of applications for postal mail or fax submission. Now multiple job applications can be quickly completed and submitted online.

Find Prospects and Set Fees

Source companies who use job listing sites and contact them to post to your site. Research the fee schedules of other sites to determine market rates and set your fees. Some sites charge a fee to the listing company, some charge job seekers a subscription fee to access the listings, and some combine both practices.

Choose a Domain and Hosting Service

Research the domain and hosting services available to compare pricing, features, and benefits. Choose one that fits within your budget. Many services may discount domain and hosting if combined with other options such as email accounts and site security.

Design Your Website and Marketing Collateral

Choose an open source (free) software platform on which to build your website. You can save money by designing your own website and marketing materials but only consider this option if you have design talent. Your materials should look professional. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms and many free and low-cost premium themes are available to create the look and feel you want for your site. There are many tutorials and videos online to help you quickly learn to use the software. Additional marketing needs, such as business cards or an email service, can be obtained online at low prices.

Begin Your Marketing Campaign

Let people know what you’re doing. Use social networking to provide the most public reach for free. You can post announcements on your personal Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other pages and use your Twitter feed. Incorporate hashtags to target people with specific interest in hiring or job finding.

Offer Additional Value

Monitor to remove filled positions and keep your job listings current. Provide valuable content on your site such as a blog with posts on interview tips, resume advice, and additional resources job seekers would find useful and post fresh site content often.