Memos are letters that serve as internal communication for an organization. They are a form of business writing and are straightforward. It is important to keep the memo as concise as possible, single-spaced and aligned to the left. Memos are usually used for distributing information about new products, news and policies of the company. Here are steps for formatting a simple memo.

Things You Will Need
  • Paper

  • Computer

How to Format a Hard-Copy Memo

The company's name should appear at the top of the letter -- this is usually done simply by using letterhead paper. The word "Memorandum" should be centered on the page and bolded, just below the letterhead.

Date, To, From, Subject: These elements should all be included, each written on its own line.

Opening statement: The opening presents the objective of the memo in a sentence or two. The objective could be stating a problem, announcing new information or changing the location and time of a meeting.

Discussion:This is the body of the memo as it appears after the opening. Memos are straightforward letters that point to a relatively simple issue, but if more details about the problem or situation need to be addressed, use headings to introduce paragraphs that encapsulate content and organize information. For added easy reading, the important details can be broken down into lists and bullet points.

Closing: The closing emphasizes an action that is required on the part of the recipient. It can also highlight what is being done to solve a problem and the steps involved. The letter should close in a courteous way. Memos can be signed or unsigned