How to Start a Designer Purse Business

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Make money and enjoy a rewarding career in a designer purse business. This endeavor requires two important abilities: design skills and business skills. If you are weak in either, find a partner or consultant to bolster you in that area. Evaluate your direct competition and determine your strengths and weaknesses in relation to its strengths and weaknesses. There are steps you can take to start a successful designer purse business that performs well in the market.

Purse Design

Develop your own design preferences by shopping the famous purse labels. What sets their designs apart? All Womens Talk website believes three of the top designers include Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. Study them to figure out why their purses command over $1,000.

Shop designer purse hardware suppliers. Use websites such as the Universal Mercantile Exchange for inspiration in creating your own purse designs.

Check out videos of how other designers work their magic. The Lazy Girl Design website offers videos to help you visualize the process. Whether buying for resale or designing your own line, experiment with the designs you love, materials that inspire you and hardware that brings something special to your offerings.

Business Planning

Create a business plan before investing in a designer purse business.

Decide how you plan to finance your upstart. Determine whether you will be self-supporting or want outside investors.

Contact local government authorities for information on business licenses.

Visit your state's sales tax revenue office if you plan to retail purses.

Build your team. Make connections with an accountant, a lawyer and maybe a marketing specialist, for instance.

Contact legitimate wholesale distributors of designer purses if you plan to purchase and resell your inventory. Avoid knock-offs. Buy only legitimate designer purses. Online sites sell designer purses -- some at wholesale prices.

Market for a Strong Start

Market to the segment you chose in your business plan. Sell to individual clients by creating custom-designed purses, cater to specialty stores with a clientele who possess a penchant for designer purses or approach high-fashion department stores about taking your line of designer purses.

Print business cards with your new logo. It reinforces your brand.

Decide whether you plan to utilize other online marketplaces for promoting and selling your products. Many marketplaces exist where you can list and sell your products for a fee.

Use social media for promoting and branding your new designer purse business. Visit online forums and post using your logo as your profile picture. Answer forum questions to position yourself as an expert, furthering the legitimacy of your brand.

Use the Internet to market and promote your brand. Market your products by pitching them to fashion bloggers such as Lori Chalmers, who went online with her own designer handbags.


  • Know what materials result in a designer-quality purse. Be creative. Use a sketch book to suggest ideas to a potential client.


  • Learn how to tell a real designer purse from a knock-off.