How to Name a Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food is no longer restricted to a couple of burger chains. Everything from Chinese food to sandwich shops to pretzels have taken over some of the market share. But when it comes to naming a fast food restaurant, it can be difficult. After all, your competition is immense.

Determine the specialty food that you are selling. Most burger joints, chicken places and smoothie shops link their star product to their name. Focus on the star of your restaurant and look to exploit that. It's free advertising in your name.

Use the language that helps define the food you are selling. For instance, if you are selling American food, stick with catchy English words. If you are speaking of a Chinese restaurant, use a fusion of American words with the Chinese words we have become accustomed to in this culture. Examples include "wok" or "panda." It helps to identify the brand instantly.

Tell the consumer something about the experience. Since it's fast food, it needs to sound fast. There are many burger joints and other chains that rely on the speed of the experience as their name. For instance, "In and Out" is an extremely popular hamburger chain.

Create a completely fictitious word that sounds hip and cool. Sometimes you simply want your fast food restaurant to stand out among the many rivals. Sandwich shops are famous for this tactic. Places like Blimpie's and Quizno's are fun words, though Subway tells you the product right in the name.

Test market your fast food restaurant's name. The great thing about a fast food restaurant is that you can franchise it. That means you take one restaurant, and copy it all over a region or country. You want to make sure that the name is catchy, attractive, appetizing and serviceable everywhere. Though the biggest fast food chain in the world is a last name, it was created before the brand was franchised. Stick to a name that plays everywhere.

Select your fast food restaurant name and move to the marketing phase of your advertising plan. Remember that the artwork with which you present your name is as important as the name itself.

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