How to Think Up New Inventions

by braniac; Updated September 26, 2017

Do ever wonder how someone could of invented the idea of a light bulb or telephone? Are those enlightened people smarter or different than the rest of us to come up with such brilliant inventions. The answer is probably not. We all can come up with ingenious inventions. But first you must know how. Keep reading and soon you will be the next famous inventor!

Items you will need

  • Your brain
  • Something to write your ideas on
Step 1

What separates the average person from a successful inventor! Nothing much but a different way of thinking. Instead of trying to pull out an invention idea out of thin air, first let's start thinking backwards. Try thinking of a problem that you would like to solve.

Step 2

Next be creative and try to think of every way possible to solve that problem. Sometime you can combine different and multiple ideas to come up with a solution.

Step 3

Sometimes the simplest most everyday problems can help you to create a brilliant solution which in turn brings forth an original invention.

Step 4

Next research your idea. Has someone else thought of it first.

Step 5

Now put your idea down on paper. Draw out the invention or try to create a prototype. Be very specific with details on your drawing. Look up different websites to help create and maybe fund your brilliant invention.

Step 6

Well now you have come up with an invention. The rest is history. And maybe you'll be part of that famous history.


  • Write down multiple ideas Believe in yourself Follow through, try to create your idea before someone else beats you to it Always be alert for a new idea throughout your day


  • Don't think negatively if you can't come up with anything If you want to really create your invention make sure you have copyrights to your idea

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