How to Make a Business Card

How to Make a Business Card. Prior to modern home desktop publishing software, having business cards made was a tedious process of design and revision through a printing company. Today, software, printers and card stock available to home users can produce a beautiful business card in minutes. Here's how to make a business card.

Look for a quality card stock paper. Many retailers, such as Wal-Mart or Target, offer professional grade card stock for printing professional business cards. Several types of card stock options are available, varying in color, thickness and texture.

Read over the printer's user's manual for a better understanding of printing business card stock. Some printers require special settings and orientation specific to the specific card stock.

Consider the software for the business cards. Many companies produce software specifically for designing and printing quality business cards. Some offer templates that need only to be filled in, and others offer a basic clean slate to create a unique design.

Design the business card with great information. Include business and mobile phone numbers, correct addresses and all of the information needed to describe the nature and workings of the business.

Print the business cards onto quality card stock and ensure the ink used is waterproof. Most inkjet printer ink is not waterproof and can smudge or run if wet.


  • Keep the font simple. Many people creating their first business cards embellish the card with fancy fonts that are, in fact, very hard to read at first glance. Style counts, but create a card that reads easily. Remember to include any email addresses and websites on the business card, if needed.


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