How to Start a Word Processing Business

How to Start a Word Processing Business. If you have computer and customer service skills and consider yourself a self-starter, you may find a lot of satisfaction in starting a word processing business. A word processing business can be easily operated from inside one's home and doesn't take much investment to start. Follow the steps below to start your word processing business today.

Do some research to see if a word processing business is needed in your area. Use the Internet and phone book to see if there are any other word processing businesses in your area. You also should speak with some of the members in you community to see if there is a need for word processing services in you area. If you find that there is lots of competition and there isn't much need for this type of business, you may want to reconsider starting this business.

Gather all the equipment and supplies you will need to have to start and operate your word processing business. You will need to have a computer, good quality printer and the current word processing software. You will also need basic office supplies such as envelopes, paper clips, pens, pencils and a stapler.

Decide what types of word processing services you are going to offer. Consider picking just a few services at first and realizing that you can expand into the others after your business has grown. You can offer clerical, desktop publishing, transcription and other types of computer services.

Create a rate sheet that specifies how much you are going to charge and how you are going to charge it. You can choose to charge per hour or per project. Research your competition and make your prices comparable to their prices. If you don't have any local competition, do an Internet search to see what people in other parts of the country are charging for their word processing services.

Market your services to your local area. Create fliers and place ads in newspapers to help market your word processing business. You can also join the chamber of commerce or small business administration to make valuable networking contacts that can help you get the word around about your new business.

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