How to Write a Business Relocation Letter

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When you relocate your business, it is important to inform your customers, vendors and business associates when you are moving, and why. By writing a business relocation letter, you are taking the time to reinforce your business contacts and customer base, and to ensure that the transition will go as smoothly as possible.

Inform Your Clients of Your Move

Make a comprehensive list of everyone who will be affected by the relocation of your business. This will include your customer base, vendors, lending and banking institutions, credit card companies, utility companies, advertisers and all federal, state or local agencies that regulate commerce and business taxation.

Write a different type of letter for each group of contacts in order to make it seem a little more personalized. For example, your letter to your customer base should reflect your commitment to retaining their business in the future. The letter to government agencies, on the other hand, should be more formal and to the point.

Include all pertinent information about your relocation in the letter, such as your old address, your new address, your new telephone number and the effective date. You may want to include a simple, yet clear, map to your new location, especially for your customer base.

Post a copy of your business relocation letter on your website's home page if you have one, especially if you sell products and services on the Internet. This will be an easy, effective and cheap way to get the news about your move out to as many people as possible.

Hire a business relocation service to help you write the letter. These services specialize in dealing with all of the details of a corporate or business move, and will be able to compile an accurate mailing list for you. For a nominal fee, they will create the letter, print it and even send it out for you, postage included.

Write and send your business relocation letter no less than 3 weeks before your move. This will give everyone ample time to make adjustments and ensure that there is a minimal amount of interruption to your business operation.


  • Even if your telephone number remains the same, display it prominently in your relocation letter.

    An announcement in a company newsletter is an excellent way to inform everyone that you are relocating your business. While this does not take the place of writing individual letters or emails to each one of your business contacts, it may help to avoid anyone getting "lost in the shuffle."

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