How to Start a Greeting Card Business

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Start a Greeting Card Business. Starting a greeting card business can be really exciting if you love words and verse. If writing comes naturally to you, then this business is for you. Greeting card businesses make up a growing $7 billion dollar industry. People always like receiving a greeting card or an expression in the mail. Online ecards and other services exist, but regular 'real' greeting cards capture the heart more than ever. Read on to learn how to start a greeting card business.

Step 1

Find out about your competition. Research the greeting card market and see where your unique idea will fit in. You must be unique compared to your competitors.

Step 2

Discover your unique idea. Decide what type of writing do you enjoy, whether it is comedy, romance or greetings. Find out what comes naturally to you and go with it. Write down as many ideas as you can and brainstorm.

Step 3

Get the materials you will need for your cards. If you are making them yourself, you might need all sorts of crafts and colors. If you know the design and look you want but don't want to make them yourself, hire a web designer or get the cards printed at a store.

Step 4

Create awareness. Ask local stores if they will place some cards of yours in their racks for a test period. If your cards are popular, then ask the retailer if they would sell them and you give them a small cut of what you earn in profit.

Step 5

Sell your cards online, in a market, local stores and even to your friends and family. Having a website is also a good idea for promoting your greeting card business.

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