How to Market an Online Business

How to Market an Online Business. The basic principles that guide marketing in the business world can be applied to marketing an online business. You need to create concise slogans and advertisements that grab the attention of consumers closely guarding their disposable income. The key to marketing your online business is to apply twenty-first century technology to traditional marketing methods.

Manage your online marketing dollars effectively by using pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising lets a business owner create an online banner to be placed strategically on relevant websites, with each customer click resulting in a withdrawal of a predesignated amount from your prepaid account. Major PPC providers like Google can help you craft a reasonable budget for each banner in operation (see Resources below).

Communicate with other online companies to create partnerships to effectively market your own business. You need to find complimentary companies that you can partner with to distinguish both of your businesses from the millions of other websites. For example, a publication company can work with a successful online bookstore to promote a new writer's contest.

Create clever videos and online advertisements that draw in the attention of busy Web surfers. You should utilize short videos or cartoons that highlight your products and build online credibility with fickle bloggers. Online advertisements should be kept short and colorful, with a link to a new product or promotion.

Participate in online forums where you can market to your targeted demographics. Many online businesses make the mistake of simply placing links on a forum and heading onto the next forum. Introduce yourself, ask if forum members have any questions and avoid using links that can get you banned from a site.

Pass out flyers at local colleges, malls and other public areas. You should focus on handing out advertising materials to younger groups that are Internet savvy and looking to stay ahead of trends.

Initiate a referral service to help market your website to a larger group. After a customer visits your website, send him a form that allows him to refer others by email address to receive a coupon or free promotional items.


  • Avoid annoying marketing tactics like spamming, pop up ads and excessive use of links in online chats. These types of marketing are frowned upon by most Internet users and the federal government is rapidly taking action to avoid Internet slowdowns. When creating a marketing campaign, ask your staff if they would find any of your advertisements a nuisance.


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