How to Write a Product Description

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A well-written product description must be appealing and informative. Follow these steps to create prose that will attract buyers to your product and service.

Research the product and its uses. You should know and understand every feature and advantage the product may have. Many manufacturers have websites with product details or customer service lines where you can obtain additional information.

Determine your audience. Writing styles should always vary depending on the desired audience. You should research who uses and purchases the product to establish the tone and style of your audience and create a unique voice for your product.

Write your article linking features and benefits. It's often not enough to just list the features of a product as your audience may not always understand them. Use descriptive language to convey how any one feature will benefit the buyer and how purchasing the item will make the consumer's life easier. Potential buyers want to know what the product will do for them.

Use clear and decisive language. It's important when writing product descriptions to be concise. Use common language and terms that are easy to understand. Clearly describe the product without getting too technical or boring so the reader stays engaged.

Include a call-to-action. The best product descriptions always ask for a sale. Be creative and encourage the potential buyer to purchase your product by telling them exactly how to do it.


  • When writing web content product descriptions, unique copy is vital. Use creative descriptions and a distinctive style rather than a standard list of features to set your description apart from competitors.

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