How to Write a Plant Tissue Culture Project Proposal

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Writing a plant tissue culture project proposal requires planning and organization. Communicating your goals for the project include giving your reader a background history, project implementation, laboratory set-up and cost analysis. Clarity is a prerequisite for writing great business proposals, and you must ensure that it is not compromised, according to A plant tissue culture project opens discussion of cell reproduction and contributes relevant research to the field of biology. Following a basic outline, you can create an effective project proposal.

Create a title page. Place the title of the project proposal in the center and write your name underneath.

Create an abstract page. Choose two to three sentences that not only describe the contents of your proposal but grant your reader an overview of your knowledge. A possible abstract sentence might read, “This proposal outlines a four-stage plant tissue culture project, to be completed in an isolated sterilized laboratory, for the production of disease-free plants. …”

Write an executive summary. This is an important part of your project proposal, according to the Foundation Center. Provide a summary of the contents of your proposal. Write eight to 10 clear objectives for your plant tissue culture project. Here’s an example sentence: "The plant tissue culture project will include the growth and reproduction of (plant name) and include a distinct process of culturing.”

Create a preliminary studies section. Inform the reader of past plant tissue culture projects you have completed. Include precise statements detailing time of project, place, the plants used and your findings. Include any relevant research you have done in this section.

Write a project description. Include 10 to 12 sentences describing your plant tissue culture project in detail. Include an accurate timetable of your research and note when the project will begin and end. Describe your project objectives and the materials you plan to use during the process. You could write, “Our proposed project will involve the use of planting pots, glass containers, latex gloves and forceps."

Write a research and design methods summary. The summary should explain what you expect to accomplish with your plant tissue project. Include three to five paragraphs informing your reader about each task you will perform (including duration), expected goal and the method you will use to carry out tasks. For example, you could write, “Our team will use ABC project method to produce identical plants and. …” Another sentence might be, “We expect no change in the natural conditions once we initiate this project.”

Prepare a budget section and create a spreadsheet. Include all costs associated with your plant tissue project. List the price of equipment and supplies, travel and any associated research costs. Include salaries for those involved in the project. Write two to three sentences describing your budget to the reader. Include the cost per day to run the project. Include donated materials items, volunteer time and start-up capital as well.

Create a table of contents. Include each section in your proposal and the appropriate page number.


Create an appendix section. Place any handouts, research documents, statistical data you used in the proposal.


  • Create an appendix section. Place any handouts, research documents, statistical data you used in the proposal.


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