What Is a Tentative Project Title?

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Projects are often started before all the other details have been thought through. Much like an author may write an entire manuscript before deciding on a title, projects may not have a final name until completion. This often happens if the focus of a project is anticipated to change throughout.


Tentative often implies a certain amount of hesitancy or lack of willingness to completely commit to something. It is common to say that someone is tentatively planning to do something, implying that those plans could change. This meaning also applies to a tentative project title, inferring that it may not be the same at the end of the project.


A project title can hold a great deal of importance if it will be used in conjunction with the launching of a new product, for example. Therefore, a great deal of thought often goes into the creation of the project title. It is not uncommon for a team of workers to be tasked with simply creating a project title.


The project may be of such magnitude that it’s important to get it launched prior to the finalization of the project title. Therefore, many organizations will use a tentative project title in place of a final project title to get the project underway. This gives them the flexibility of adapting the project title to the project as it evolves. It also gives them time to build consensus among the group as to what would be the best project title.


Spotting tentative project titles is easy because they generally will say tentative either in parentheses, after the title or prefacing the title. If you type in “tentative project title” in your search engine online, you will find examples of tentative project titles ranging from Master’s projects to album names.


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