Transfer Requests: What to Write for Reasons for Leaving

Whether you’re working in a department that doesn’t interest you or in a location that’s not ideal, sometimes requesting a transfer is the easiest solution. However, wording your request may prove to be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a positive reason for leaving. By wording your reason for leaving tactfully, you not only increase your chances of getting approved for the transfer, you also save your relationship with managers and co-workers.

Contrive diplomatic reasons that do not touch on negativity. Never mention that you want to transfer because you hate your boss or because your current location is a poor example of a work environment. For example, you could say “The new location is closer to my home,” or “The new location will give me a fresh start.”

Obtain a transfer form or begin writing a transfer request letter if your company does not provide such a form. Keep your explanation for leaving short. Start by stating you’d like to transfer to a different department or location. Explain your reason for doing so by focusing on positive words; do not mention anything negative about your current situation. If you don’t like your department, say “I believe XXX department would provide me with a better opportunity to use my skills” rather than saying “I have no room to showcase my talents in my current department.”

Talk to your head manager and provide him with the transfer form or letter. Reiterate what you’ve written down on your letter when you begin talking to your manager. Again, avoid anything negative and focus on the benefits of going to a new location or department. “The Guardian” suggests talking to human resources if you’re not comfortable talking to your manager.