A pop-up camper is like a mobile home, except it collapses and folds down when not in use. There are hundreds of types and sizes of pop-up campers. Converting a pop-up camper into a concession stand is a pretty simple process, as long as you keep your menu items simple as well. To be successful, you need to have a good location for your concession stand. Luckily, a pop-up camper stand lets you change locations if the need arises.

Things You Will Need
  • Paint and brushes

  • Assorted tools

  • Hand saw

  • Latch

  • Generator

  • Freezer/fridge

  • Electric fryer

  • Window fan

Open the pop-up camper.

Select a serving window. The camper's door works best. Cut the door in half horizontally, so that the bottom can be closed and the top can be open. Attach a latch to the top half so it locks to the bottom half when closed. This is where customers will be served.

Strip all non-essential items from inside the camper, such as beds and tables.

Write a menu. This will help determine what else needs to be done to the camper. Most concession stands sell prepared or easy-to-prepare items such as chips, candy, soft drinks, ice cream, fries, popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy and pretzels.

Design a layout of where the items and equipment will go. This will depend on the size of the camper available.

Non-perishable pre-packaged items like candy and chips can simply be stored in boxes.

Install a freezer and fridge, for pop and ice cream. It is too difficult to install an ice cream machine into the pop-up camper so pre-made ice cream is best. The freezer/fridge should be a horizontal floor model, so that it can fit even when the camper is packed up. Connect the freezer/fridge to the camper's generator. Stock the freezer/fridge with pop and ice cream.

Install a small electric fryer. These are small portable units. A small camping fryer is inexpensive and will easily fit into the camper. Install the fryer next to a window. Replace the window with a window fan. The fan will suck out all the hot greasy air from the fryer. The fryer can be used to cook hot dogs, french fries, hamburgers and other fried foods.

Install a toaster oven. The toaster oven is another small device, it will be used to cook pizza, pretzels and other items that need to be warmed up.

Install other food preparation machines. Popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones or ice cream machines may be a good addition to the camper. The size of the machines and size of the camper will be determining factors, whether these items can be installed.

Paint the camper. Paint large colorful images of the food offered inside the camper. Make a large sign to hang up next to the ordering window that displays the menu and prices.