Who hasn’t wanted to retrieve a message sent in haste? Whether you fired off a message in anger and regret it, sent a message to the wrong people, forgot to add an attachment, realize you made a typo or just want to update the contents of your message, the Microsoft Outlook Recall feature allows you to attempt to stop delivery and optionally replace the message. If you don’t see the Message tab, it could be because you haven't opened a sent message or that this feature isn't enabled for your organization.

Recall Messages

If you don’t want to send a revised message, click the "Sent Items" folder of the Mail Navigation pane. When you open the message you want to recall, you can just click the "Recall This Message..." from the Actions menu of the Move group in the Message tab. Click the toggle button for "Delete unread copies of this message." If you want to send a revised message, click the toggle button for "Delete unread copies and replace with a new message." The message opens, and you can revise and send it. Click the "Send" button to resend it. You may want to deselect the option that tells you to alert you if the recall succeeds or fails for each recipient.