Heart Walk: Fundraising Ideas

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When you have a team in a walk-a-thon, you may need to raise some funds to make sure that you can all register and do the walk. Also, the more money you raise, the more you can donate to the cause. Fundraising needs to be a full team effort to get as much money raised as possible.


Email and call people to ask if they will sponsor you and your team on the walk. They can either sponsor you per mile you walk, or just give you a flat donation. Ask high, because the worst thing a person can do is say no or offer you a lower amount. Call friends, family and surrounding businesses to see if they want to help with this cause.

Yard Sale

Have a yard sale at one team member's house (or ask each person to have his own yard sale). This will raise money and it will help you clean out your house. Lump all of the proceeds together to put toward registration and donations. Make sure all customers know that the proceeds are going to a good cause; they may be less likely to haggle that way.

Local Venue

Talk to a local concert venue or restaurant to see if they will donate part of their proceeds to you and your group. Once they agree, get fliers out to people in the community to let them know the event is going on. If some of you are in school, hand fliers out around the school to kids and families to draw the biggest crowd possible.

Movie Night

Organize a movie night at a local school. Make sure the film is G-rated so that all the kids can watch it. Sell popcorn and candy like at a commercial movie theater. Have a donation box set up at the entrance so people can put whatever they want to give when they walk in. You can make it a double feature, as well. This gives people more time to get there.