There are many grants available for single mothers with disabilities. Finding them and getting the applications correctly submitted is the challenging part. However, if you know where to look and who to ask, you can get a grant as a single mother with disabilities for almost anything from living expenses and education to health care and transportation.

The Fulbright Program

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Even as a disabled single mother, it may be possible to study or work abroad with a Fulbright grant. Successful applicants engage in a variety of occupations overseas including consulting, research, studying and teaching. The exchange of ideas, cultures and personal experiences creates an understanding that serves as the foundation of the world-famous Fulbright Program. Their goal is to create a bridge for international communication and relations.

According to MIUSA (Mobility International USA), backed by the US Department of State, both the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange as well as the Fulbright Program actively encourage disabled citizens to submit applications. The program provides accessible accommodation and equipment as necessary. Winners are judged on their academic achievements and their leadership qualities. The deadline for applications is early fall.

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

U.S. Department of State, SA-5

2200 C Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20522

202-632-6445 or 202-632-3238

The Blanche Fischer Foundation (BFF)

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Disabled single mothers living in Oregon qualify for a grant from this private, nonprofit organization. Founded in 1981, this is one of the few organizations that give grants to individuals directly. Since then, according to the BFF website, the foundation has granted over $1 million to disabled Oregonians. Grants are given for a wide variety of purposes including equipment, living modifications and education.

Blanche Fischer Foundation

1511 SW Sunset Boulevard

Suite 1-B

Portland, OR 97239


State and Local Agencies

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There are countless foundations set up and willing to grant money to women with disabilities. However, they rarely do so to individuals directly. The majority of these organizations specify applicants must be part of a nonprofit organization set up to and actively providing help to disabled women. Of course, if you are a disabled single mother seeking education grants, your educational institutions will very likely qualify.

Find the right local agency or appropriate office of the relevant institution to apply on your behalf. The types of grant open to you are virtually endless. Once you have the appropriate people to apply on your behalf, you can explore the thousands of grants available to you. Very helpful starting points include websites like,,, and The granddaddy of all sites is the catalog of grants and funding,

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