Fundraising Contest Ideas

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There are a number of different ways to raise money with a fundraiser. Holding contests or events are ways to get people involved in your cause. Adhering to the theme of your cause when deciding on your fundraiser will help people connect with the cause. If the fundraiser is needed to help an animal shelter, for example, the types of contest or event would need to be pet or animal related.

Obtaining Materials and Prizes

You can obtain materials and prizes in two ways. The first is to ask for donations from local businesses. Offering them free advertising at the event and on event materials will help your cause. The second route is to have the organizers and supporters of the event pitch in a set amount of money or supplies to use as the materials or prizes.

The Raffle

The always popular raffle is the least complicated route to fundraising. Obtaining a prize, whether it is an item or cash, is the first step. Charging a minimal fee, such as $1 per ticket will entice people to enter multiple times. Set a start and end date, and advertise the raffle with a simple flyer or mailer. Make sure the prize is suited for the cause it is representing.

The Race

Creating a competition with a prize or trophy can help raise funds for your cause. Keeping the contest safe and simple as well as charging a minimal entry fee will allow a lot of people to join the activity. Instead of charging an entry fee, you could have the competitors seek sponsors. The sponsors would donate a set amount, such as $2 for each mile run.

The Auction

Holding an auction also can raise money for your worthy cause. The items to be auctioned can be donated by local businesses or even individuals. You can create an auction around an exhibition of arts and crafts. For example, if the cause is for children with a certain type of illness, you can have those children create art work to auction off.