Barcodes are a way to transfer data. The symbols of the barcode represent various factors, such as manufacturer, price and name of a product. Barcodes are scanned to transfer information about a particular item to a computer, cash register or point of sale system.

Inventory Control

Barcode scanning can control inventory. When the barcode of a particular item is scanned, it can be added or subtracted from inventory counts. Barcoding items keeps inventory counts accurate.


Barcodes can be scanned into a point of sale system. The system reads the barcode and charges the correct price for the item being sold. Pricing can be changed within the system as needed to reflect current prices.

Dispensing Medication

Barcodes can reflect types of medication, patient names, dosage and frequency of dosage. Barcodes can be scanned to ensure the proper medication is being dispensed to a patient in a health care facility.