What Is Involved in New Construction Cleanup?

New construction cleanup is part of the post construction process during which a building is prepared for takeover by the client. The cleanup is performed by professional cleaning companies specializing in disposal of industrial waste.


Construction workers are instructed to remove debris and rubble after finishing their respective jobs, leaving behind a trail of concrete dust, paint stains and general litter. Professional new construction cleanup businesses are required to remove these final signs of construction activity before furniture, carpeting and fittings can move in. Standard equipment for new construction cleanup businesses are power washers, industrial vacuum cleaners and conventional cleaning equipment including brooms, buckets and mops.


New construction cleanup projects include all building types, from garages and small structures to large industrial projects and skyscrapers. Cleaning is usually not restricted to the indoors, but can include parking lots, sidewalks, courtyards and garden or patio areas.


Time Frame

New construction cleanup is commonly regarded as a necessary evil by construction managers and clients, as it is a final and not cost effective obstacle that keeps a delayed construction from being taken over. Cleaning companies are usually given less than 48 hours to perform the cleanup.



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