How Much Does the Average Vending Machine Earn?

by Caitlin McCulloch ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Vending machines in the United States receive $22 billion in coins and bills per year, according to Franchise Direct. With 7 million vending machines, this averages out to more than $3,000 per machine. Your vending machine could earn more or less because of variables, but there are several factors to consider.


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For vending machines, location is everything. Drink machines in high-traffic areas can bring in a gross figure of about $250 in a single day, and snack machines in high-traffic areas can gross figure about $500 in one day. High-traffic areas include hospitals, movie theaters, malls, hotel lobbies and large break rooms. Low-traffic areas will not bring a large profit.

Start-Up Costs

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You must pay income taxes on your profits, so find out what tax rates are for your location. The start-up product and equipment cost will vary, depending on the size of the machine and whether you want to install more than one vending machine. Also, the business where you are installing the vending machine will probably require a certain percentage of profits made.

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Time and Money

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Once the machine is installed, the hours of work and money put into the business will be only to restock the machine and buy the snack products. Snack companies already do the advertising for you, and you do not need to hire employees.

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