How to Buy a DVD Rental Machine Without Owning a Store

DVD rental machines become available for purchase through several vendors. Reasons for purchasing such a machine include the desire to buy a used or refurbished DVD rental machine, investing in a new machine or getting involved in a franchise opportunity.


Research the DVD rental machine vendors that sell to individuals. Read about the machine options available. Read the information provided in regards to the specifications on machines.


Contact companies to request information. If considering a used or refurbished DVD rental machine, ask about its appearance, the cash box and DVD security features, warranty and refund policy. Ask about delivery to your home or to a chosen location.



Pick the vendor of choice. Information provided by each vendor helps you decide which DVD rental machine to purchase. Once the decision is made, complete the transaction and have the machine delivered. While waiting for its delivery decide on a DVD movie or game vendor if planning a franchise or business.




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