Proper Way to Write Policies & Procedures

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A business with clear policies and procedures in place is more likely to conduct its operations efficiently, since everyone involved knows how the decision process works and how the lines of communication function.

Writing Policies

The policies of an organization articulate its values and the quality of service or product it hopes to provide. To write a policy manual, focus on the core values of your business, which might include confidentiality, treatment of employees, treatment of customers, accountable management and transparent financial practices.

Writing Procedures

If policies state a business's values, procedures state the methods by which the organization expresses those values. They tell the business's employees how to implement the policies. Writing procedures, therefore, involves specifics. Procedures should be written in simple language, stating what actions must be performed, who will perform them, and when and how they are to be performed. Procedures may include specific forms to be used and steps to be followed, and include diagrams and checklists.

Keep Policies and Procedures Separate

Once you have established and written down your policies and procedures, keep them separate. Make your policies available to the public as the expression of your business's values, while keep procedures as in-house documents that enable the organization to flow smoothly.