A narrow perspective of marketing emphasizes the simple intent of a company to tailor a unique product offering to fit the specific needs of a given customer market. It generally includes the formulation of a strategic marketing mix directed at satisfying a particular target market.


The narrow marketing perspective can also be described as a condensed view of the broader marketing perspective. In the big picture, companies use marketing plans to develop objectives, strategies and tactics that define the intent, approach and specific steps to marketing. The narrow perspective is more general and concept-oriented. The broad perspective begins with a look at objectives, such as creating brand awareness, strategies, which outline promotional plans, and tactics, which lay out specific techniques and media for advertising and communication.

Product and Distribution

Product and distribution are two of the four key elements in a company's marketing mix. Within the product section of a marketing plan, a company describes the features it plans to incorporate into solutions and the key benefits they provide. This leads to the formulation of the product concept, which is the most distinct advantage a company's product offers. Distribution includes planning on how the company distributes products to customers, including a breakdown of brick-and-mortar locations, online presence and ordering processes.

Pricing and Promotion

To take advantage of opportunities in a given market, the company has to establish optimal pricing strategies and effectively promote the value proposition of its product. Pricing strategies vary but include options for premium pricing on high-end goods, skimming to take advantage of eager buyers and optimize profits, and penetration pricing to attract customers with low upfront prices. Advertising, public relations, sales and social media are common methods of promotion. This is the component of the marketing mix where strategies are outlined for reaching out to the target market with a message about product benefits. Gaining attention and persuading customers that your product benefits have superiority for specific reasons is integral in the narrow marketing perspective.

Target Market

The narrow marketing perspective is about formulating a marketing mix and offering it to a particular target market. Thus, identifying the best customers to take your product to market with is critical. You want to tailor your products to suit stated needs and then promote the value of your brand to match. Showing that you have the best product and price combination for the particular market you target is what creates sales, loyalty and long-term profits.