Application of MIS in Business

Business owners and managers often require a system to aid them in gathering pertinent information about their company and making business decisions. A management information system is a manual or computerized process that completes this function. These systems can provide timely, accurate and relevant information for various business needs.


Companies often install computers and business software in each department and division. This allows business and financial information to be transfered electronically to an end user, which can include owners, managers and other employees. Employees may need to input information in the management information system.


Management information systems are usually customizable to each company. This allows business owners and business managers to create specific reports that will automatically run once the system gathers all necessary information. Using an Internet-based information system can allow companies to gather information from several regional or international locations.



Information management is an important business function in today’s business environment. Owners and managers must have the most up-to-date business information to make decisions and maintain their company’s competitive advantage. The gathering of information related to company processes can also allow companies to correct negative situations quickly and minimize financial losses.