The Role of Management Information Systems in Decision Making

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The quality of managerial decision-making depends directly on the quality of available information. According to the article “Management Information Systems and Its Effects in Decision-Making” by Maisa W. Abbadi of the Arab American University, management information systems provide analytical models, specialized information, real-time updates and hypothetical scenarios to assist managers with the decision-making process.

Structured Decision-Making

A 2009 article in The British Journal of Administrative Management suggests the following steps when making a decision: find clear objectives to help set the parameters of the decision; generate possible solutions; use graphs, trees and spreadsheets to analyze data; and make the decision. Management information systems assists managers with the information gathering portions of this process.

Features and Benefits

Management information systems give managers quick access to information. This can include interaction with other decision support systems, information inquiries, cross-referencing of external information and potential data mining techniques. These systems can also compare strategic goals with practical decisions, giving managers a sense of how their decisions fit organizational strategy.


Managers need to understand the complexities, limitations and benefits of their systems when relying on them to aid in the decision-making process. Automated systems are only as valuable as the information that is put into them, so employee training is essential.


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