Traditional marketing refers to offline marketing tactics such as print advertisements, television and radio ads, direct mail and trade show advertising. E-business marketing is marketing to consumers through online channels like websites and online banner advertisements.


The concept of marketing emerged in the late 1800s. The onset of e-business marketing began in the late 1990s when Internet start-up companies became more and more prevalent.

Traditional Marketing Benefits

With traditional marketing, you are able to target consumers through a wide variety of marketing channels such as:

  • TV
  • radio
  • banner ads
  • brochures
  • direct mailings
  • newspaper
  • magazine ads

E-Business Marketing Benefits

E-business marketing allows to you offer highly customized, targeted content to specific customers segments. e-business marketing is also fast, cost effective, and it offers the ability to measure and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is considered the best type of marketing by many marketers because it's free. Word of mouth simply means that marketing messages spread organically by consumers talking to one another, essentially getting a company's message out for free.

Future of Marketing

While traditional marketing techniques have declined, they are still very relevant with consumers and are not going anywhere. However, e-business marketing is relatively young and continues to develop.