Workforce development is a term used to describe employment initiative services offered by agencies and government programs. Across the United States, cities and small communities embrace workforce development because it is an essential component in creating, sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. Through workforce development, communities are able to create social and economic prosperity.


According to Global Inclusion Strategies, workforce development can help companies and small businesses tap into new markets and grow nationally or globally. Through workforce development, companies are able to increase their cultural competence and potentially create an international presence.


Workforce development doesn’t just focus on the entire community but also focuses on individuals. Through workforce development, individuals receive training that increases their competency and makes them a greater asset in the workforce.


Workforce development provides assistance to those who are unemployed or are veterans. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, individuals who are finding it difficult to reenter the workforce can benefit from the services many workforce development agencies provide, such as job matching.


Leadership development is also essential to ensuring a strong workforce. Through workforce development, the capacity of local leaders is increased, and they are better equipped to create new opportunities and recruit more individuals into the workforce.


Governmental workforce development departments are focused on the future of a community. These organizations provide career opportunity exploration for youth entering the workforce.