Types of Catalogs

A catalog is a list of items in some order, usually with a description of each item. Catalogs can be used to list items for sale or for search purposes.


There are several types of catalogs. Organizations and companies that use catalogs include schools and colleges, libraries and businesses.


Catalogs for search purposes feature item names, a brief description of subject matter, and an identifier to help locate the item. Catalogs for sales purposes feature item name, a description and pricing.



Catalogs for searching help people find information. Catalogs that sell items provide people and businesses with things they want and need.



Catalogs help businesses and entities such as libraries organize their inventory to serve customers better. Catalogs save consumers and businesses time.



The Internet has expanded the options for catalogs. Now people can view catalogs online as well as in print. Online catalogs offer consumers instant gratification and shorten the time between seeing an item and purchasing.



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