Whether you are raising money for your club, sports team, school or organization, a souvenir book can be a big moneymaker. Not only can your group benefit from sales of the souvenir book, but additional funds from advertisements make this fundraiser a double winner. Souvenir books also are used for fundraisers for towns or communities celebrating special occasions, such as a centennial, or for organizations that support historic buildings or communities, since the books can be reprinted and sold for years to come.

1. Step 1

Determine the potential appeal of your souvenir book. Souvenir books commemorating a sports team's year or a fraternity class will have limited appeal beyond your group. Consider expanding the material to include previous years to increase the audience likely to buy your book.

2. Step 2

Collect photographs and other memorabilia for your book. Use old archives and ask former and current students or organization members to loan their personal photographs. Check social media sites for photos that have been uploaded already.

3. Step 3

Design the layout for the souvenir book. Small books can be done using basic photography software, or designed and printed through online photo services such as Shutterfly or Snapfish. If you do not have a committee member able to do the layout you can also work with a professional printer.

4. Step 4

Sell advertising space for your souvenir book. Determine how many ads you can sell based on the size of your book and room for advertising. Set a price for full-, half- or quarter-page ads. Contact local businesses and ask them to purchase advertising.

5. Step 5

Insert the photographs, captions and advertisements into your souvenir book layout. You will need digital photographs or scanned copies of older photographs. Advertisers may provide their own ads or you may design an ad for them. If you are using a professional printer, it will create a model copy of the book for your approval.

6. Step 6

Print the souvenir book. Take it to a commercial print shop or copy shop, or submit and order prints online.

7. Step 7

Sell the souvenir book. If you are part of a group that has a season or a year, like a sports team or school club, sell the book at the end of the year. Books for historic sites or towns may be sold at special events or throughout the year at local businesses.

Things You Will Need
  • Photographs

  • Phone book or local business directory