Training employees of an organization is an ongoing process vital to remaining competitive and ensuring consistent workforce productivity. The HR department or the corporate training division of an organization devise and develop needs-based and periodic training programs for different hierarchies of employees. The training outlines of a particular training program include the modalities and workable structure of the program and the roadmap to ensure successful execution.

Define Objectives

The objectives of a particular training program or initiative developed by an organization are defined in the training outlines.

Program Modalities

The purpose of a training outline is to work out the schedules, batch timings, use of trainers and external coaches and other important program modalities.

Methodology /Format

The methodology of training is important to account for employees in far-flung or geographically dispersed locations. The format outlines for training include a mix of Web-based training sessions, videoconferencing-based sessions and certain real-world classroom sessions.


Most training programs stretch out over a period of time and feedback mechanisms are built in to ensure improvements or modifications and timely addresal of other issues.

End Results

Training outlines focus on the end results that would fructify from successful execution of a training program and the dividends that a program would pay for the company and its employees.