Who Makes Echo Chain Saws?

Echo chainsaws are a well known American brand power tool which is mainly sold at Home Depot. The chainsaw manufacturer has always been based in Illinois, and the chainsaws have always been made in the same plant there. But who owns the Echo brand? While the brand may be strictly American the history of the ownership is not.

The Basics

Echo Chainsaws are manufactured in Lake Zurich Illinois by the Echo Corporation of America. Echo is owned by a Japanese partnership as of 2008.

Kyoritsu Noki Company

This Japanese company first introduced the Echo CS-60 model in 1965. This is the first Echo chainsaw.


Kioritz Corporation

In 1971, the company changed its name to Kioritz Corporation. The Echo CS-302 is introduced that same year.


Echo Incorporated

In 1978 the Kioritz Corporation of America (a subsidiary) changes to reflect its most popular brand. The new name becomes Echo Incorporated but is still a subsidiary of Kioritz Corporation in Japan.


The Yamabiko Corporation

In 2008 the Kioritz Corporation and the Sindaiwa Corporation establish a holding company named Yamabiko Corporation. This new company is the integration of both companies brands, including Echo chainsaws.