ExxonMobil is officially known as the ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Company and includes three different fuel brands. Under these brands, ExxonMobil supplies fuel to more than 700 airports, 300 marine ports and 42 000 service stations across the world. Additionally, ExxonMobil supplies about 1.5 million barrels of fuel to wholesale buyers in more than 50 countries.


John D. Rockefeller’s massively successful Standard Oil conglomerate was divided up into 34 unrelated companies in 1911, one of these being the Jersey Standard company. Jersey Standard then went on to become the Exxon Corporation in 1972. Since then, Exxon has funded various health and research facilities, as well as the Save the Tiger fund.


Mobil was founded in 1866 as the Vacuum Oil Company, but merged with Socony in 1931. Both of these brands were created from the Standard Oil deconstruction in 1911, but went on to change the company name to Mobil in 1966. Mobil premiered the electronic payment system known as Speedpass in 1997, then merged with Exxon in 1999 to form ExxonMobil.


Esso first appeared in 1923 as a service station brand for Standard Oil. The name is derived from the phonetic spelling of the abbreviation for Standard Oil, and only appears in certain regions. Gasoline service stations operating under the Exxon, Mobil and Esso brands can be found in 118 countries across the globe.


Other brands that ExxonMobil supplies gas to include the “On the Run” branded convenience stores, which can be found in 26 countries. Additionally, the concept Esso Express stores -- which are unattended retail concepts -- are supplied by the ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Company, though only about 175 store exist in France and Belgium.