Education Grants for Non Profits

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A wide variety of educational grants are available for nonprofit organizations. The tremendous emphasis placed on education by government and the public makes the application process for these kinds of grants readily accessible. Education grants for nonprofits are available from many different sources and can offer either general or specific assistance in achieving educational goals. The focus of many educational grants is on literacy, science education, nutrition education, and youth development.

Literacy Grants

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Literacy grants for nonprofits are available from hundreds of organizations. The Ambrose Monell Foundation, for example, is an established charity that includes a mission to assist nonprofits in strengthening literacy "in the United States and throughout the world," according to The AMF educational grant has been existence since 1999.

Science Grants

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Science education is vital to understanding the building blocks of our physical world and educating American youth to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy. One of many grant opportunities, the Agilent Technologies Foundation grant assists nonprofit organizations in expanding the reach of science education. According to, the ATF philanthropic grant works to "foster innovation and benefit the scientific community" at the "pre-university-level." The ATF educational grant aims to strengthen both scientific programs and the critical thinking skills of science students.

Nutritional Grants

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Education in nutrition is vital to human health and well-being. Albertson's Community Relations grant helps nonprofits contribute "to the quality of life in diverse communities," reports. Albertson's official website,, makes clear that its focus is aimed primarily at "disease management and prevention through diet." ACR charitable support even extends grant money towards hunger relief.

Youth Development Grants

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Grants geared toward youth development are popular in the nonprofit world. In order to foster positive, well-rounded children, the American Honda Foundation provides grants related to youth development. According to, these grants assist nonprofits in educating children in various key areas including: "technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment and job training."