Door-to-Door Fund-Raising Tips

Cameron Whitman/iStock/Getty Images

Spend enough time with any charity or organization that needs to raise funds, and you probably find yourself nervously shuffling your feet as you stand on someone's porch and ring the doorbell. Door-to-door fund-raising isn't easy, and it's realistic to anticipate that plenty of people will decline your request. Find success for your organization with the proper approach to fund-raising.

Dress to Impress

Being well groomed and well dressed gives the person who opens the door a positive image of you. Just as you want to look your best in the workforce, looking your best as a volunteer may help people feel more at ease. Unless you have to wear a uniform, dress in a business-casual style and ensure your clothes are clean and pressed. Proper attire is a subtle sign you respect what you're doing.

Be Prepared

Have the proper documentation and know all the information about your organization. Have a polished script to present to people as well as extra copies of flyers or brochures for additional information. Clearly display the documentation that shows your involvement with the group, such as a photo ID.

Scout the Best Locations

Some organizations assign neighborhoods to each fund-raiser, but if you have a chance, a little research helps your odds of success. Determine the most affluent neighborhoods in your city -- if possible, use the census or city records, or just talk to people to find out the homes with the most value. Those who live in affluent neighborhoods typically have more disposable income and may be more receptive to your cause. High-density neighborhoods also are ideal as they allow you to visit homes in rapid succession.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Work on your speech with a family member or fellow member of the organization. The speech should be informative and short. Anticipate what questions you might hear and determine how to respond to them. For example, when someone asks what's the benefit for him, reply that your organization provides tax receipts for donations of more than $25.