Charitable foundations are nonprofit organizations that give financial aid or support to their chosen groups or organizations. Unlike private foundations, charitable foundations ask for funds from the community and public sectors. There are many charitable foundations that support Christian education in order to uphold Christian values for children and adolescents. These foundations strive to promote academic excellence and help children whose families are not able to afford to send them to school. Some of these foundations mainly exist because of the Christian schools that they support.

Rosehill Charitable Foundation

Rosehill Charitable Foundation started in 2004 to support and improve Rosehill Christian School, located in Tomball, Texas. For the 2008-2009 school year, the foundation started a program whose primary focus was to give the teachers and staff sufficient income. They started a donation drive in which for every dollar that a person donates, the foundation will match it to double the donation. So, as a way to start this program, $60,000 was pledged by the foundation with the hope that donors would also contribute to match the $60,000. The foundation believes that in order to maintain the quality of education provided by Rosehill Christian School, the teachers and staff should be compensated accordingly. They also believe that this would minimize the rate of turnover and keep high-quality teachers happy and satisfied with their jobs.

Borculo Christian School Foundation (BCS)

The BCS Foundation was established to help fund the Borculo Christian School in Zeeland, Michigan. The foundation sees to it that the Borculo Christian School will continue to give Christ-centered education to future generations. This will only be made possible through generous donations in the form of gifts, such as life insurance, securities, bequests and properties, or by volunteering to help in school events. The foundation believes that long-term support can greatly help less fortunate families who want their children to have a Christian education. Money donated to the BCS Foundation can be seen as a long-term investment as the school is continuously growing.

Kalamazoo Christian School Association Foundation (KCSA)

The KCSA Foundation supports the Kalamazoo Christian School in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The funds gathered by the Foundation are used as a source for the school's operating budget, as well as for financial assistance to the families of the students, for professional training and development of teachers and as an incentive for students' excellent academic performance. Donor-advised funds are used to give qualified students this incentive. The foundation has several donor-advised funds, each with its own purpose. For instance, there is The Joyce E. Bogard Memorial Scholarship Fund, which gives qualified graduates of Kalamazoo a chance to pursue vocational or post-high school education as a scholar, and The Vander Steen Scholarship Endowment Fund, which offers financial assistance to high school graduates who want to attend Calvin College and are interested in volunteer or community service.

London District Christian Education Foundation (LDCEF)

LDCEF, established in 1990, aims to make education accessible to everyone, particularly children whose families who can't afford to pay for their tuition fees. This foundation supports seven Christian schools in the southern part of Ontario, including Clinton and District Christian School, John Knox Christian School and St. Thomas Community Christian School. The Foundation would like future generations to get the quality Christian education that they deserve. The board of directors appointed for each school is responsible for the funds and donations to its assigned school.