The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a national charitable organization that focuses on granting wishes to children who are terminally ill or have a life threatening medical condition. While the Make-A-Wish Foundation is the most well known wish granting organization, several foundations also share the same mission. Whatever your reason for seeking an alternative to Make-A-Wish, there are organizations that can fulfill your needs.

A Special Wish Foundation

A Special Wish Foundation was founded in 1982 that grants wishes to children ages 21 and under diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder. A Special Wish Foundation focuses on granting three types of wishes: a special gift, a special hero, and a special place. A special gift is tangible like a toy or even a puppy. A special hero is a person the child may admire and hope to meet such as a professional athlete or a musician. A special place is where the child would like to go and visit including places like an amusement park or a particular city.

A Special Wish Foundation, Inc.

1250 Memory Lane N – Suite B

Columbus, Ohio 43209

(800) 486-WISH

Wishing Well Foundation USA

Wishing Well Foundation USA is a wish granting non-profit that grants wishes to terminally ill children ages three to 18. They were established on the premise that children suffering from a terminal illness are being denied their basic human right to grow up to become an adult. Wishing Well Foundation USA hopes to grant a wish to any child who may not be expected to reach over 18 years of age.

Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc.

3000 West Esplanade Avenue, Suite 100

Metairie, LA 70002

(888) 663-9474

Children’s Wish Foundation International

Children’s Wish Foundation International was created in 1985 and has since fulfilled the wishes of thousands of children in 53 countries. Children’s Wish Foundation International uses its team of “Wish Coordinators” to make each child’s wish come true. They specifically grant wishes to children who are under the age of 18 and have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

Children’s Wish Foundation International, Inc.

8615 Roswell Road

Atlanta, GA 30350

(800) 323-WISH

Sunshine Foundation

The Sunshine Foundation was formed in 1976 with the sole mission of fulfilling the wishes of children between the ages of three and 18. Their non-profit is unique compared to other wish granting organizations because of the criteria it uses to determine which child is eligible to be granted a wish. Wishes are granted to children who are not only chronically ill but also children with physical disabilities and children who have suffered from abuse. The child must be a US citizen and the child’s parent or guardian must not have an annual income exceeding $75,000.

Sunshine Foundation

1041 Mill Creek Drive

Feasterville, PA 19053

(215) 396-4770