Bowling Fundraiser Ideas

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Bowling represents both a fun sport and a great way to raise money for your favorite charity. Anyone can participate in a bowling tournament, and the costs are minimal. Families can play as teams for a wonderful few hours of family bonding, while knowing they're helping a worthwhile cause.


Advertising provides the key to any fundraiser. People need to know about the bowling tournament in order for it to be successful. Word of mouth plays an important role, since it will help with forming teams and bring more people out for the fundraiser. Announce your bowling fundraiser in church bulletins, schools and other places where it will cost the least amount of money. Don't forget to include the price of participating in the bowling tournament in all of your advertising. Ask people to respond to the advertisement and register in advance, so you know how many lanes you'll need.


Select a bowling alley located near the homes of most of the people who will come. This makes the tournament likelier to draw a full house. Visit the bowling alley and ask about renting individual lanes, or all of them if necessary. Try to get the bowling alley to donate the lanes or rent them to you for a small amount. The rental fees will help you to decide how much to charge in order to raise as much money as possible for your charity.


Ask people to bring along family and friends who may not participate in the bowling, but will want to see the tournament. More people attending will allow you to charge the minimum per person while still raising more money. Entice people by serving food, such as pizza and hot dogs, and drinks. Try to get food items donated so you don't lose money by having to purchase them. Even people who can't come to the tournament can still participate by making pledges. For example, if someone pledged $1.00 for every strike scored, it could amount to a nice sum for the fundraiser.


Provide trophies or other prizes for participants in the bowling tournament. You may be able to get these donated so they don't cut into your profits. Even if you have to pay for them, give prizes of some kind so people feel like they've gotten something for participating in the fundraiser. You can also make prizes so it doesn't cost anything.

Other Ideas

In order to make more money for your charity, sell 50-50 tickets. This gives one person a chance to win half the money while the charity gets the other half. As another way to raise money, have each person put in a set amount, like a dollar. Give half the money as prizes while reserving the other half for the charity.