The Enterprise Rent-A-Car company issues grants to nonprofit organization through the Enterprise Holdings Foundation (EHF), which acts as the philanthropic arm of the rental company. The company most notably runs an employee match drive to support local chapters of the United Way. The United Way attempts to organize and become involved in local community service projects, in addition to addressing emergency relief efforts on a local and national scale. The EHF offers grants in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


According to the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, first time grants come in amounts up to $1,500. The organization may award future grants to the same organization with an average donation of between $2,500 and $5,000. Enterprise does not donate vehicles or vehicle rentals to charitable organizations.


According to Enterprise, grant applicants must use the services of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car company. In addition, the foundation only donates money to charitable organizations incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in the United States or a registered charity in the UK or Canada. For charities that do not use rental cars, employees may also recommend a charitable organization for a grant. The Enterprise Holdings Foundation provides emergency grants for natural disasters that have an impact on local communities.

Time Frame

All grants last for a 12 month period, but the EHF will consider extending or increasing a grant 12 months after the organization receives an initial donation. Application deadlines for Rent-A-Car grants occur three times a year in the winter, spring and fall. The submission deadlines for 2011 include December 1, April 1 and September 1 with the board making a decision on January 27, May 12 and October 20, consecutively. The EHF will notify recipients of grants in writing three to four weeks following the deadline.


According to the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, grant applicants may submit their application online using Grant Request. In addition, the foundation requires two documents, including a Customer Confirmation Letter, which may be obtained by contacting the foundation, and a description of the foundation that lists staff and board members. Applicants do not have to submit a detailed prospectus of their charitable organization. The EHF will send out email notification that the company has received the applicant’s grant request.


The Enterprise Holdings Foundation does not donate funds to individuals, religious organizations, political action committees, labor unions or sports teams. In addition, no grants may go towards tuition, memberships, tickets, subscriptions, fundraising, dues or beauty pageants. Other than the United Way, the EHF does not support charities not located in areas that Enterprise Rent-A-Car and its affiliates serve.