Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Vs. HP Printer Ink Cartridges

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HP and Canon are well known brands providing quality products. Although they both offer ink cartridges, each one’s design and style differs in ways that may make consumers choose one over the other, depending on consumer preference.

Disposable Head

HP ink cartridges usually have the disposable head type in which the print head is integrated into the ink cartridge. Once one color of the ink has been used up, you must replace the whole ink cartridge even if the other colors have not been used up as well as the entire print head.

Fixed Head

Canon ink cartridges usually has the fixed head type in which the print head is integrated into the printer. Unlike the disposable head type of ink cartridge, the color of the ink can be replaced on an individual basis. However, if the print head is damaged, you would need to buy a brand new printer.


HP ink can be costly
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HP ink cartridges are generally more expensive than Canon ink cartridges. At Best Buy, the price of HP multi colored inkjet printer cartridges range from $18.99 to $42.99 while Canon multi colored inkjet printer cartridges range from $20.99 to $35.99.


Despite the higher cost, HP claims that its printers use less ink than Canon printers. “Canon printers tested used almost twice as much ink as the comparable HP printers tested to print the same number of pages.” Therefore, HP claims that printers with individual ink cartridges for each color are not more efficient than printers with tri-color cartridges. The higher amount of ink used for Canon printers is predominantly due to system maintenance and cartridge changes.

Refill & Recycle

Ink cartridges can be recycled.
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Both HP and Canon attempt to make their ink cartridges environmentally friendly. They provide consumers the option of returning the cartridges for recycling. In addition, some electronics stores and supermarkets have bins available for used cartridges. Stores that sell office supplies can refill HP and Canon ink cartridges, although sometimes with a reduced quality of ink.