Free Federal Grants for Women

Free federal grant funds are available for women to open a business, get an education or buy a home. Federal grant funds and other technical assistance grants are available to provide women with the money needed to finance the American Dream.

With grants, your desires are within your reach and can be attained with the proper planning and execution. Be realistic about your goals and objectives and address every question or item on a grant application.

Women Are Underrepresented

Even though women outnumber men, there is still a serious problem with women being underrepresented in almost every area except motherhood. The federal government makes grant funds and technical assistance grants available to women, in an effort to level the playing field.

There are fewer women business owners in the U.S. than men; therefore the federal government makes grants available to women to start new businesses. Free federal grants are also available to help women to help others through nonprofit organizations.

Grants to Foster Self-Sufficiency

Free federal grants for women are available in many various categories. Although more prominent categories are business and education grants, there are other grant programs to help women become more self-sufficient.

Free federal grant funds are available for women in the areas of visual, performing and literary arts. Community development grants have been designated for all communities to provide services to those in need, including issues that affect women specifically. Humanities grants are also available to solve problems unique to women.

Prove Viability

Each proposal to receive free federal grants for women must prove viability. In most instances it will be prudent to prepare a business plan that outlines in detail the amount of funding that is being requested and how your project addresses the objectives of the grant program.

Free federal grant programs for education will require the applicant to have the necessary academics to succeed with the help from grant funds.

Many Grants Are Available

There are a tremendous amount of grants available for women to gain more prominence. One of the best places to locate free federal grants for women is Grant applications can be downloaded directly from the website once would be grant applicants get registered. A registration is quick and easy--just fill out the registration form and you will receive a registration response in three to five days.

During the three to five day registration-waiting period you will be able to research grants and download applications. You will not be able to submit grant applications until your registration is complete.

Grant Proposal Development

Develop the details of your grant proposal application after you have had an opportunity to review each application you are considering. It is better to develop a program based on the funding criteria. If you are applying for a grant to open a business that will provide training and employment for women veterans, your proposal must specify how you will do this.