Ideas for Single Moms to Make Extra Money

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Being a single mom can make it difficult to earn extra money to pay for unexpected bills, buy presents for special occasions or save money for future expenses. The need to balance taking care of your children with money-making activities can be stressful, especially if you do not have a strong support network. The best types of jobs or money-making activities for single mothers offer flexibility and a sufficient financial reward, according to


Providing general child care services for friends and family members when they need babysitting services can be a good way to make extra money. You can perform this service during night or weekend hours if you have a traditional job. Your services will be appreciated as an alternative to younger-aged babysitters and will allow you to take care of your own children at the same time you earn some extra money. Be aware that more formal childcare arrangements or providing services to a larger number of children may necessitate a childcare license, depending upon the laws in your state.

Online-Based Companies

Writing articles, answering surveys or performing other tasks for companies that offer contract positions for Internet-based work can be a source of extra funds. The amount of money offered through these opportunities varies based on the requirements, the company offering the jobs and the general skill level required. These activities require an Internet connection and possibly processing an application before being able to work. Take precautions to ensure all work is legitimate and does not require you to pay any up-front fee.

Direct Sales

Selling products to acquaintances is another way for a single mother to make extra money. Numerous companies offer personal sales opportunities that can help you earn some extra money. Beauty products, candles, kitchen equipment, educational toys and even travel packages are options offered by direct-marketing companies. These independent contractor sales positions can typically be performed on your own schedule. Some opportunities may revolve around hosting sales parties, selling products online or marketing through sales booklets or product demonstrations.

Job Boards

Perform jobs listed on online job boards for a work-from-home opportunity. Project-based work jobs are listed, which you can review and often perform from home. Some jobs require technical skills, professional experience or writing talent. Capitalize on your existing skills or talents for maximum payoff.


Make crafts, clothing, jewelry or other hand-crafted items to earn extra money. Sell your wares through local craft fairs, through a partnership with a local store or through online craft markets. You can make items in your spare time at home and sell them to create some extra income. Focus on a product that has a wide appeal and can be sold for a reasonable profit.