How to Use Pinterest For Business


Some businesses still cling solely to Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes. While those social media platforms are important, using various other platforms, including Pinterest, can increase exposure.

How Do You Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Once you sign up for a business account on Pinterest, you can start creating boards. The boards are essentially collections for users to organize the content they pin. Once you set up your boards into categories, start adding pins. The easiest way to do this is to install the Pinterest button on the internet browser you use, so you can pin something from the web in just seconds. Once you download the button and find something you want to pin, click the Pinterest button in your browser toolbar, add a photo and then save. From there, you will add a description to your matching board. Once you have all the pins you want to add to your board, choose the one that's the most compelling to make your visitors want to click on it. To do this, hover over the Board tab and go to the pencil icon located on the bottom right. Scroll down to where it says Cover and click Change. Scroll until you find the pin you want to show on the cover.

When you're using Pinterest for business, you don't want visitors to simply check out your pins and take off. The object is for them to take action. Adding a Save button to your pins allows people to save your pin. Use automatic buttons so a clickable Pinterest Save button will appear.

Make sure to pin something at least one time per day. Focus on a consistent schedule so your visitors can get used to when you post. It's not ideal to post all at once. Additionally, ensure your pins are clear and concise. Visitors aren't going to click on anything less than high-quality pins.

The Benefits of Pinterest

You may think of Pinterest for adding pins only of decoration ideas or recipes to your boards, but using Pinterest for your business is different. Sign up for a business account on the platform to gain the fullest potential. Upon setting up your business account, you will get educational marketing tools such as Pinstitute where you can connect with other people using the same platform and attend webinars. You will be able to track analytics so you can see what's working on your marketing strategy. For example, if you're posting at a certain time, you can see if people are responding to your pins. If not, you will need to change the time and test the analytics. Also, you will be able to see what type of content people are responding to most on your Pinterest. Other benefits include new leads, increased sales, additional blog traffic if you link your blog to your pins, and increased awareness.

Businesses That Need Pinterest

Many types of businesses take advantage of the benefits of marketing on Pinterest. They include home decor, pets, animals, beauty and hair, travel, fashion, food, design, gardening, health and fitness, and much more. If a business has a product or service, it can usually benefit from Pinterest. The idea is to create pins that will capture the attention of a target audience. If a business can do that, then Pinterest can work. If you are in doubt if your business can benefit from Pinterest, take a look at the business sign-up page on the platform to see if you fit into any of the listed categories.