Vending machines are a convenience that allows the sales and purchasing of goods from an automated machine. The machines are a cost-effective way to distribute goods and have the flexibility to be placed indoors or outdoors. They can operate continuously. They offer a range of goods to sell, and many accept credit cards.


Snack vending machines distribute candy bars, chips and other food items in break rooms, hospitals and rest stops around the world. They can be in any location with an electric hookup. These machines can include cold storage machines that can distribute refrigerated items. High tech vending machines that contain computer processors are able to dispense ice cream, milk shakes and even warmed food items on request.


Beverage vending machines provide warm and cold beverages in a variety of sizes and flavors. Warm beverage machines dispense coffee and hot chocolates with user-determined amounts of additives including sugar and creamer. Cold beverage vending machines dispense cans and bottles at a chilled temperature. Cold beverages include water, soda, teas, fruit juices and sports drinks.


Consumers can rent a movie by simply visiting a movie rental vending machine. Stand-alone vending machines in or outside grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations hold hundreds of movies. What's more, consumers can reserve a movie online to ensure the film will be available when they visit the machine.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods vending machines dispense a variety of goods including electronic goods, household products and medicine. They can be custom-built and stocked to the environment whether it is washing products at a laundromat, MP3 players and headphones at a shopping mall or pain relievers and heartburn medicine at a rest stop. They serve the purpose of 24-hour convenience at any location.

Fishing Bait

Anglers frequently depart to fish on lakes before any stores or bait shops are open. Vending machines allow bait shops to sell several types of worms, tackle and minnows from refrigerated vending machines at all hours.