How to Buy Mail Stamps

TonyBaggett/iStock/Getty Images

The most conventional way to buy mail stamps is through your local United States Postal Service office. However, there are other convenient methods to buy stamps and additional ways you can save money on bulk purchases.

Convenient Options

Some grocery store chains have post office service stations or allow you to buy stamps at cash registers. Large employers sometimes have employee service centers where workers can buy stamps as well. These options are convenient if you don't have a post office nearby. You can also buy stamps through an automated teller machine. Banks often include this feature, though you may have to pay a small access fee when purchasing stamps through an ATM. The post office also sells stamps online through the "Buy Stamps & Shop" section of its website. You can order stamps through the mail with no fees by downloading a form at the USPS website.

Money-Saving Options

"Forever" stamps can be bought at current postage rates and used in the future no matter how high the price goes. If you purchase hundreds or thousands of stamps at 49 cents each, for instance, you save 5 cents per stamp if the rate hikes to 54 cents in the future. Stamp dealers also sell older stamps that they buy in bulk at a slight discount to consumers. An additional option is to sign up for an online postage discount program, such as one offered by, where you can get discounts on various postage services.