Microsoft Word is a great program for all sorts of business needs. Whether for a small business or a big business, Word can be used to design business cards, fliers and reports of all kinds. Predesigned templates are already loaded into the program to make it easy and efficient for the business owner and designer to create a pamphlet. For a tuition pamphlet, a few tweaks need to be made, as tuition pamphlets are a very specific application.

Creating a Tuition Pamphlet in Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word. If the Project Gallery does not automatically pop up, go to "File," then "Project Gallery." On the left are templates. Go to "Business Forms," then "Brochures." Choose the template you feel will best fit your needs. The example image will be the Neutral template.

The Brochure Wizard that automatically pops up on your right is extremely helpful. This feature makes it very clear what you are doing. Change the text in your image to customize it for your school or business. You can also work in the piece to tweak the text boxes and make them bigger for more text.

If you want to add an image, you can delete the template's placeholder image. Then create a text box by going to "Insert," then to "Text Box." You will see a crosshair tool that you can click and drag into the size you want.

You can now insert an image in this text box by going to "Insert," then to "Picture," then either to "Clip Art" to select from art already included in Microsoft Word, or "From File" to insert a custom image that you have.

Resize and place the image where you want it.

Go to the second page and fill in the rest of the information, especially the tuition prices and schedules, which should be in the middle of the brochure. The side panels can be contact information, reasons that your school stands out and other types of important and helpful information. Double-check spelling and the accuracy of the information you've inserted. Once you are finished, print it out, fold it accordingly and see how it looks.


You can change the fonts to customize your pamphlet. Using custom images, such as photographs of a school or of speakers, is a great way to show your institution's personality.


Don't use too many words. A pamphlet should be brief and give the reader just enough information to interest and inform them and to be able to contact you.