As a massage therapist you must be careful to make your clients feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they step into your office. A clinical style office with bare white walls and empty shelves will make a person seeking relief feel more like he walked into a doctor's office than into the hands of a competent, caring therapist.

Step 1.

Paint the walls a warm color. White walls are too clinical, but you do not want to use bright or alarming colors, either. Stick with pale neutrals or warm, dark colors such as shades of brown or a rustic red or orange. Spruce things up a bit by using a paint that has sand or some other type of texture in it. It will give the room a more comforting feel.

Step 2.

Use decorations that appeal to you, but don't go over the top when it comes to choosing eclectic or abstract adornments for your room. Most people visualize Asian style decorations when they think of massage. Find Asian-inspired decorations in bed and bath stores, as well as discount stores. You do not have to spend a ton of money ordering these things from massage supply houses.

Step 3.

Find furniture that fits in the room properly, but make sure you will be able to use it to creatively hide your massage supplies as well, especially if you don't have a closet (many massage therapists do not have this luxury). Furniture that is too big will make your room appear small and cluttered, whereas smaller furniture pieces add space and functionality.

Step 4.

Set tables, chairs, and even your massage table at angles that will make the room look bigger. Set them diagonally in corners instead of flat against walls. No matter how you arrange your furniture, ensure you have easy access to the door and that neither you nor your client will trip over anything as you move around the room.

Step 5.

Set the ambiance with candles. One shelf with a line of tea lights or a table or shelf with a grouping of three or four different sized candles will look warm and inviting. Limit yourself to two or three sets of candles, but only light one group at a time.

Step 6.

Find a discrete corner or section of the wall where you can hang your formal certificates (or copies) and other related achievement awards. You are a professional and your clients will appreciate seeing these reminders. Find frames that match the rest of your room so the certificates blend in.


Use decorations that speak to your inner soul. Do not decorate your room with objects or images that make you uncomfortable. The room should be as soothing to you as the therapist as it is to your clients. Make sure you have a first aid kit somewhere in the room in case of emergencies.


Make sure you have a locked drawer for client files if you keep them in your office. Protecting client privacy at all times should be a priority. Do not use scented candles unless you have the permission of your client. Not everyone enjoys scents and some people are allergic.