Checklist for a Business Office Move

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For many businesses, moving their offices without having a checklist can leave them in a terrible situation. Some businesses choose to simply pack as they go and come time to unpack and set up in the new location, they might find some things misplaced or even missing. This is why it is beneficial to have a checklist to ensure you remember everything. The checklist can be revised when needed.

Find/Hire Help

Moving an office can be tedious and hard work, so finding or hiring help is a great idea. You might consider some of the office employees first before looking to outside help. You might also consider assigning one person to help you in ensuring the moving process goes smoothly.

Purchase Supplies

You do not want to wait till the last minute to purchase your moving boxes and labels for the boxes, so have all of these ready to use before moving day arrives. Label the boxes once they are filled and closed to make it easier when unpacking them in the new office building.

Contact Utility Companies

Before moving to your new business office location, it&#039;s important to have your new location&#039;s utilities paid and ready when you get there. Contact the phone, water, and electric companies to get everything set up. This is also a good time to ensure your phone system will be set up prior to or upon your arrival.

Update Company Information

Once you are in your new location, you will have a new address and maybe even new phone numbers. If this is the case, try to be prepared prior to the move by having your stationery and cards altered to match the new address and numbers. You should also contact your vendors and any partnering companies to give them your new contact information.

Update Website

Similar to updating your contact information, you want to ensure you also update your website. Having the wrong information can actually lose customers, so make sure to update your website the day of, if not prior to, the move.